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 Welcome to the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association.

Charity Number 279368


These are the members of the PTFA of Camestone School:-


Chair Person

Kirsty Clark

Vice Chair 

Karen Crawford


Rebecca Copperwheat

Vice Secretary

Cheryl Gadsby


Orlaith Russell

Raffle Co-ordinators

Cheryl Gadsby and Ricky Haynes

Committee Members

Ceri Rose, Leolin Boyes, Siobhan Caulfield, Lisa Holmes, Linda Hanna and Shabnam Noreen.


The aims of the PTFA are:


The PTFA are here to support the school by raising funds to provide facilities, equipment and enrichment for the children at Camestone School. They will help enrich the education and welfare of pupils attending the school.

We also promote close co-operation and communication between Parents and Teachers.


Over the year’s we have used the funds raised from various PTFA events to provide Camestone School with:


A Trim Trail

A playground shelter

A fund for enrichment activities e.g. museum trips

In-school educational visitors

Golden time and lunchtime equipment

Tablets for class use

Christmas crackers for the children’s Christmas meal

Refreshments for school events


We will continue to arrange various fundraising events throughout the year to provide much-needed funds for the school and the children attending it. We hope to be able to continue funding enrichment projects and make any necessary purchases as and when the school require them. We work closely with Mr Stanyard and the teachers at Camestone School to ensure we are helping them in the most effective way for the school and its pupils.

Information on future PTFA fundraising events will be emailed to you so please ensure the school have up to date details at all times. We will also try to ensure posters are placed on the PTFA notice board located to the side of the year 5 classrooms and at the entrance to the foundation stage unit. So keep an eye out
for lots of fun and exciting events.

Joining the PTFA is an ideal opportunity to meet new people with mutual interests in a relaxed and friendly environment. We share ideas and contribute to enhancing your children’s experiences at school. We are always looking for help to run the events and activities to raise as many crucial funds for the school as we can. Every offer of help however big or small will be very welcome and greatly appreciated.

If you would like to offer your help at any of our events, or you would be interested in joining the committee please contact one of the office bearers where they can discuss it with you further.


We are always looking for new and exciting ideas for fundraising and for different events we can hold at the school from everyone not just PTFA members.  If you would like to make a suggestion to the PTFA or you are interested in becoming an occasional helper, please contact us via email at

you can also find most of us on the playground during school drop off in the morning or after school at pick up time.


Thank you for supporting us and helping raise invaluable funds for our children at Camestone School.





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