Aims & Values


Our Values Programme


As an inclusive school we have chosen to introduce an educational values programme. Values based education is an approach to teaching whereby children learn about important values which can set them up for life. It creates a strong learning environment that can enhance academic achievement and develop pupils’ personal, social and emotional development and skills.

Camestone Values

Our school aims at Camestone have been the basis for the development of our ‘Values Education Programme.’ The overall aim of the programme is to enhance the learning environment through the positive values modelled by staff and pupils throughout the school.

In September 2015 we launched our Values programme with all staff and pupils involved. Together we launched 300 balloons with the intention of ‘spreading our Camestone Values across the community and maybe even the country.’ This was extremely successful with balloons travelling as far as Germany, thus spreading our Values across the world!

The Values Programme is delivered to all pupils across the school within lessons, assemblies, stories and events so that it becomes part of everyday life and school.