Welcome to the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association of Camestone School 

Charity number: 279368

Chair Person – Cheryl Horsley

Vice Chairs – Nadia Testa-Hawes and Claire Roberts

Secretary – Sarah Caves

Treasurer – Susan Aylott

PTFA Members – Lisa Holmes, Ana Elviro, Matt Rulton, Orlaith Russell, Danielle Stitson, Kristina Emsina, Shell Forestiero, Vishan Sondhi


-          The PTFA are here to support the school by raising funds to provide facilities, equipment and enrichment for all the children at Camestone School.

-          We aim to help enrich the education and welfare of all pupils attending the school.

-          We also promote close co-operation and communication between Parents and Teachers.


We want to thank everyone for continuing to support us over the years and we will continue to arrange various fundraising events throughout the upcoming school year.

If you would like to make a suggestion to the PTFA, have any feedback for us or you are interested in becoming an occasional helper, please contact us via email at

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PTFA Newsletter May 2024.pdf
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