Governing Body

The School Governors have responsibility for guiding the school in its aims and for overseeing the budget which has been allocated by the council.  We do this by maintaining close contact with the Head teacher and working with the staff to ensure that as far as possible and practicable, they all have the facilities and resources needed to do their jobs effectively. A folder containing full governor meetings minutes is available from the school office.

Governing bodies are a mixture of elected and appointed persons representing various aspects of the community. There are Parent Governors elected by parents of pupils who attend the school, Community Governors appointed by the existing Governors and there are Governors delegated by the Local Authority to represent the authority’s interests.  If you are interested in becoming a Governor, please enquire at the school office.

Governing Body Members

Mr C Airdrie (Co-opted Governor)

Mrs J Bayliss (Co-opted Governor)

Mrs S Caves (Parent Governor)

Mrs F Davies (Parent Governor- Co-Chair of Governors) 

Mrs R Ducker-Birch (Assistant Headteacher- Associate Governor)

Mrs S Gillespie (Assistant Headteacher- Associate Governor) 

Mr N Hackett (Headteacher- Staff Governor) 

Mr A Jones (Assistant Headteacher- Associate Governor) 

Dr C Keating-Roberts (Co-opted Governor- Co-Chair of Governors)

Mr Stephen Littler (Co-opted Governor)

Mr K Patel (Co-opted Governor)

Mrs Bianca Spiteri (Co-opted Governor)

Mrs K Young (Deputy Headteacher- Staff Governor ) 

Governors Statement of Principles 2023-24.pdf
Governors Register of Interests 2021-22.pdf
Governor Meeting Attendance Records 2022-23.pdf
FPB Terms of Reference 2023-2024.pdf
Information Sheet 12 Code of Conduct for School Governors 2023-2024.pdf
CODE OF CONDUCT 2023-2024.pdf
TOR HTPM Committee 2023-2024.pdf
Terms Of Reference - Pay Committee 2023-2024.pdf
Terms of Reference - Full Governing Body 2023-2024.pdf
Governor Attendance Register- 2023-2024.pdf