School Council

camestone school council 2023-2024

At Camestone School, each class votes for a school council representative. This child represents their class' views and ideas at the regular school council meetings held with the headteacher. These meetings focus on how the school can further improve. 

Our Head Girl, Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl also sit on the School Council. 

Please see our School Council structure for the 20223-2024 academic year;

Head Boy: Noah

Head Girl: Tallulah

Deputy Head Boy: Oliver

Deputy Head Girl: Amelia 

Dragonflies: Theo

Grasshoppers: Jaheem 

Fireflies: Noah

Butterflies: Niamh

Kahlo: Tomas

Picasso: Kevin

Da Vinci: Penny

Jemison: Aiden

Armstrong: Isabella 

Peake: Dexter 

Johnson: Ethan

Seacole: Liam

school council missions 2023-2024

School Council Meeting Minutes 23-24

School Council Minutes- 18th October 2023.pdf
School Council Minutes- 22nd November.pdf
School Council Minutes- 22nd January .pdf