Forest School

What to expect at forest school

We believe that all children benefit physically, emotionally and socially from Forest School and have a right to take full advantage of the well documented benefits of outdoor, child led learning.

At Camestone, Forest School gives all children:

What is Forest School?

Forest School is based on a Scandinavian approach which engages children in child-led learning in a woodland setting. Children learn practical skills and take supported risks. The benefits for health, well-being, self-esteem, social skills and personal development are well documented. It is led by qualified practitioners who facilitate activities based on children's interests, needs and choices.

A typical Forest School session might include:

As children gain confidence and experience over the years, the level of adventurousness and risk can be raised. The aim is to teach children how to manage challenges and risks for themselves.

What to wear at Forest School

Forest School carries on in all weathers! The exceptions are thundery storms and high winds due to the risks involved.

The school is building a supply of suitable clothing and footwear and we always welcome donations of good quality items.

Meanwhile we ask that children wear the following.

In winter:

In summer:

Forest School Rules

Forest School can be adventurous and involve activities that COULD be dangerous.

We do everything reasonable to reduce risks. That includes having appropriate rules.

For example:

Fire Rules

Tool Rules